David Festa

Referring to fishermen in the West coast halibut fishery prior to catch shares at the Milken Institute's conference in early 2010, he said "…that's not a full time job. All you have is essentially itinerant labor, that bounces around from job to job, it's unskilled, it's unprofessional, it's low-paid, there's high drug use, it's a rough life. It's romantic, um, you get great bar scenes in, um, you know the Perfect Storm, and George Clooney looks really sexy but, it's uh, well, speaking, well, anyway, my wife says that. But the problem is it's not a full time stable job.” Then, in talking about the same fishery after catch shares were instituted, “now you got a job, now you have professional fishermen, who many of them start to get degrees, go to college, advanced degrees in fishery biology and business (Mr. Festa has an advanced degree from Harvard), that begin to work on different various business plans…. they make good jobs they are full time, they live in the community they become, they stabilize the community." (link)
  • At the Milken conference above, Mr. Festa advised attendees that investments in catch shares could realize up to a 400% return.
  • Environmental Defense Vice President for the West Coast and apparently lead EDF salesman for Jane Lubchenco's catch shares program (link).
  • Member of President Obama's Department of Commerce transition team.
  • Mr. Festa has taught with Jane Lubchenco (link) and AndrewRosenberg (link) at Oregon State University.