Environmental Defense Fund

  • Among ENGOs, EDF has made the greatest commitment to and investment in forcing catch share management on U.S. fishermen.
  • Jane Lubchenco, now NOAA head, was vice-chairwoman of the EDF Board (link).
  • David Festa is EDF Vice President of West Coast operations and the National Land, Water and Wildlife Program (link).
  • Sally McGee (link), now at The Nature Conservancy, was EDF’s New England Fisheries Policy Director.
  • Grants: Walton - $20,137,231 (link), Moore - $9,104,256 (link), Pew - $2,650,000 (link), Packard - $1,535,000 (link)
  • The primary recommendation from the EDF report Oceans of Abundance: "President Obama should ensure that all federal fishery management plans are evaluated for catch shares by 2012, and that at least 50% of federal fishery management plans feature catch share management by 2016." The report focuses on declining fisheries worldwide while conveniently - for EDF - ignoring the fact that no overfishing will be going on in U.S. fisheries by the end of 2011 (link).
  • Participant in the Setting Ocean Priorities for the New Administration and Congress Workshop (link)
  • The Fisheries Leadership and Sustainability Forum, which Environmental Defense is a "partner" in, also participated in the Ocean Priorities workshop.