The Walton Family Foundationation

    "Sam and Helen Walton’s philosophy of giving is based on life-long experiences in small town Northwest Arkansas that teach the value of personal engagement and involvement, the power of education in society, and that making philanthropic investments should make an appreciable difference in communities" from the foundation website (here).

The foudation website is here. A listing of their recent fisheries-associated grants going back to 2007 (all that is listed on the foundation website) is here. Walton has provided nearly $100 million to ENGOs with a decidedly anti-fishing bias, including $20 million to Environmental Defense, the ENGO at which NOAA head Jane Lubchenco (link) held a leadership position.

A listing of Fisheries and related grants from Walton is here.

Significant grantees:

Conservation International Foundation

$53,181,000 (link)

Environmental Defense

  $20,274,000   (link)

Marine Stewardship Council

$  4,195,000 (link)

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

$  1,000,000 (link)

Ocean Conservancy

$  5,762,000 (link)


  $     642,000 (link)

World Wildlife Fund

 $  1,869,000 (link)